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Cool-Japan-Products com is the Authorized Dealer of Sakai Takayuki

The collection of our kitchen knives is highly-selected, which is made by master craftsmen who are designated or recognized as Japan’s traditional craftsmen or reputable cutlery manufacturer.

Sakai Takayuki
“Sakai Takayuki”is one of the best chef knives brand in Japan which is produced by Aoki Hamono in the region of “Sakaiuchi Hamano”. Sakai-Uchi-Hamano industry,(堺打刃物 in Japanese) have caught the designation of the traditional industrial art object from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Sakai-Uchi-Hamono industry was well-established and located in the area of Osaka, Sakai-shi that is the greatest production center of a kitchen knife having the share of 90% of kitchen knife for professional chef use.


Sakai Takayuki has variety series of the high-quality kitchen knife for professional use and gets a favorable reputation among professional chefs. Especially, designated traditional craftsmen such as Kenji Togashi and Yukinori Oda who are considered to be one of the best experts among designated craftsmen make its upper grade knives.