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Sakai Cutlery

Sakai Knives

About Sakai Cutlery

Sakai Takayuki is a leading brand among Sakai cutlery, 堺 打 刃 物 . (SAKAIUCHI-HAMONO) is made with the manufacturing method by a forging  technology and the technique of the grind, which is developed in Sakai-shi, Osaka-shi and outskirts area in Osaka-fu. 

A Minister of Economy Trade and Industry designated Sakai Cutlery (Sakaiuchi-Hamono) as traditional industrial art crafts. In addition, Sakaiuchi Hamono is known that it has 90% shares in the market of the knives that the professional chefs use.

"Sakai-cutlery" and "堺打刃物(Sakaiuchi-Hamono) are registered trademarks of "the association of knife commerce and industry cooperative society".

Much high-quality Japanese cutlery originates from Sakai, the capital of samurai sword manufacturing since the 14th century. After the Meiji Restoration, it became extinct with the modernization of Japan to carry a sword by a samurai.

Some swordsmiths still produced traditional samurai swords as arts, though, the majority of swordsmiths had to change from sword production to cutlery production with their skills.

Sakaiuchi Hamono offers the world best quality knives with more than 600 years of tradition. Only the best of the best artisan with mature techniques can create such superior quality knives.