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Original Aonikou Set(オリジナルセット)

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A set of very sharp Japanese knife is available here with the variety of different knives and other tools depend on your use. By using traditional method of Japan, these tools and knives have been made with Blue-2 steel. We used soft-iron and high-carbon steel to make these useful knives and tools. These different kitchen tools and sharpened knives set is an ideal choice for the professional chefs. However, you can also buy this set for home use. All the tools are easy to use and come with great quality as well.

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Original Aonikou set is selected from Aonikou series, an especially sharp Japanese knife, using blue-2 steel from Yasuki, using Japanese traditional method, “Kasumi” made by the craftsmen who received the designation of the traditional craftsmen from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Kasumi are made from two materials: high-carbon steel "hagane" (Yasuki blue-2 steel) and soft iron "jigane" forged together. This style of knife offers a similar cutting edge to a honyaki blade in high-grade knives. It offers the benefit of being "more forgiving" and generally easier to maintain than the honyaki style, at the expense of stiffness. Some see this as an advantage. Approved craftsmen, Togashi kenji and Doi Itsuo forged it with painstaking craftsmanship and also approved craftsmen, Mr. Tosa Hrotsugi and Oda Yukinori carefully sharpened and finish up the blade. The appearance is exceptionally beautiful. You can taste joy of having a good tool like this in your hand.

Additional Information

Specification Name:Sakai Takayuki Blue steel-2 Handle:Wood with buffalo ring Material:Yasuki blue-2 Notice: Right Hand use (if you need left hand use, please ask us for availability before Notice: It is rusty if you do not take care of it. Notice: It will be rusty if you do not take care of it. Knives Set: Set Content: Knife1: Shoubu(sashimi) (300mm) Knife2: Fugu-hiki (270mm) Knife3: AI-Deba (150mm),(210mm) Knife4: Kamagata-Usuba(210mm) Utility Tools: Oyster opener (S) Scales picking (L) Bodkin/Awl(L) stainless steel (size) Emasculation width extensive (120 mm) west model Chopsticks for dishing up(165mm) No.55 Oil cup (anticorrosive) Case: The laser case or aluminum case for kitchen knives set
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