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  • Baran-kiri  (shell)(stainless-steel) バラン切り Baran-kiri  (shell)(stainless-steel) バラン切り
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  • Syoubu(sashimi) 正夫 刺身 Syoubu(sashimi) 正夫 刺身
  • Mioroshi-deba ミオロシ出刃 Mioroshi-deba ミオロシ出刃
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INOX Japanese knives(イノックス和包丁)

Quick Overview

Sakai Takayuki INOX is made from molybdenum stainless steel (8A steel) by Japanese traditional method for professional chef, which is easy to taken care of. And further more, the 8A steel is hard to be rusted and it also lasts the sharpness longer.

The handles of these knives are made out of resins in order to make them cleaner and devoid of smells.

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INOX knives are made in Japan and are made out of molybdenum stainless steel. Therefore, they are a bit cheaper. However, these knives are good for both professional and household use. They are available in many different sizes and shapes for you to choose from. Since INOX knives are also made by Sakai Takayuki you can trust the quality. Their stainless steel blades make these knives easy to maintain as they will not catch rust. The sharpness also lasts longer. As such, sharpening has to be done at longer intervals. The handles of these knives are made out of resins in order to make them cleaner and devoid of smells.

Additional Information

Specification Name: Sakai Takayuki INOX Japanese knife Handle: Wood with buffalo ring Material: Molybdenum Stainless 8A steel Notice: It is possible to wash at the high temperature. Notice: Please do not use the chlorine-based antiseptic solution. Notice: Right Hand use only (for left hand use, ask for availability before purchase)
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