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Sakai Takayuki Honyaki (本焼)

Quick Overview

Sakai Takayuki Honyaki series is top ranked Japanese knife, using Yasuki white-2 steel that features superb sharpness, lasting sharpness, easy sharpening and presenting a clean, beautiful moire pattern.

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Sakai Takayuki Honyaki series is the highest grade of Japanese knife, using white-2 steel from Yasuki, which features superb abrasion resistance, presenting a clean, beautiful moire pattern. Sakai Takayuki's Honyaki (glost firing) Series are top-ranked products that ensure a wonderful sharpness and manufactured with a unique traditional method (MIZUYAKI), the water-rapidly-quenched, which retains its sharpness for a long time. Honyaki is true-forged knives, made from one material. Honyaki knife is generally a top-grade knife using specific steel (blue and white steel are most common). “Mizuyaki”, Water rapidly-quenched is to use the water for cooling at the time of the firing in a process to give the steel the higher hardness, which requires extremely high techniques, unlike the oil quenched Honyaki. This knife is forged by the designated traditional craftsman, Shiraki Kenichi and Designated craftsman, Tosa Hirotsugu did for molding and sharpening. The Yasuki white steel-2 materials used for this Honyaki series is fundamental material to the creation of professhonal use of kitchen knives. It may be said that Yasuki white steel-2 is the material that has good balance including the sharpness, the durability of sharpness, easiness of sharpning with whetstone, and the price. It is said that the cut edge of the sashimi is extremely beautiful and sharp when you cut with an authentic Honyaki Knife.

Additional Information

Specification Name: Sakai Takayuki Honyaki Handle: Wood with a Buffalo horn Material: Yasuki White-2 steel Notice: Right hand use (if you need left hand use, please ask us for availability) Notice: It is rusty if you do not take care of it. Notice: This product is special made, which need one to two months for shipping if we do not have it in stock. Please ask before order.
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