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Grand Chef SP-Type-Ⅱ グランドシェフSP Type 2

Quick Overview

Grand Chef SP-Type-Ⅱ has desert-iron-wood handle with engraved plate. The handle is made by Sugihara Keido, a recognized knife-craftman, in full-handmade.

Its body is Grand Chef SP. In order to improve the cuts and fillets away from the blade, the blade has dimple surface it is said salmon type.

We can say that Grand Chef SP-TypeⅡ is the top product in the Sakai Takayuki Western Knife series, which has best quality to the ultimate level in its fuctionality and bautifulness.

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The handle of Grand Chef Knife SP-Type-Ⅱ is using a dessert ironwood with engraved plate. Its body is Grand Chef SP. The handle is completely full-handmade by Sugihara Keido”, a recognized “Takumi” of knife craftsman. The dessert Iron wood that can live in the desert of the American southwest is a high semi-fossilized density wood buried in the sand for a long period of time. There is a strong durability to water without shrinkage, has been used primarily to knife handle material of luxury knife.
"Sakai Takayuki Grand chef SP” is for the professional chef, made of Swedish BOHLER-UDDEHOLM Special steel. The Swedish special stainless steel is a knife-friendly luxury stainless steel, which iimpurities is extremely small such as phosphorus and sulfur. BOHLER-UDDEHOLM Special-steel. which has been recognized as the finest special steel that was purified by superior technology with very few impurities iron and steel in the world.
Grand Chef Knife SP is the gem of the Western kitchen knife that combines a sustained performance and sharpness. Grand Chef western knife SP series is provided with a sufficient hardness and sustainability as for a professional western kitchen knife. The brade of the knife is given dimpled surface in order to improve the cut and fillets away.
It is a popular gem knife for professional chef with “desrt ironwood handle” that is made by knife craftman, Sugihar Keido. but it can be used for home use, try a full-fledged professional sharpness!
= Notes on use =
※ This knife is not easy to rust, but please be sure to wash and wipe off the moisture after use.
※ Do not use a dishwasher when you wash.the knife.
※ Do not cut bone and frozen products, this may cause of blade spill.

Additional Information

Specification Name:Grand Chef SP-Type-ⅡグランドシェフS-Type Ⅱ
Handle:Desert Iron Wood with engraved plate
Material:BOHLER-UDDEHOLM Special steel (HRC-58)
Notice: Right Hand use only
Option: sheathes
Meisters No

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