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Custom Order

For special orders of any product we require payment for 1/2 the total amount at the time of the order.

The remaining 1/2 must be paid within 14 days of notification and prior to the product being shipped to you.
Special orders cannot be canceled once the order is placed. If a special order has been made but the customer has not paid the final invoice for the remaining amount within 50 days of receipt of the final invoice, the initial payment/payments are considered forfeited and the knife may be sold to another customer.

If the customer decides not to go through with the order once the knives have been ordered from the maker, the initial payment will be forfeited.

Special orders for Japanese types of knives generally take between 1 and 4 months depending on the back order, though we cannot guarantee a timeframe. There are times when orders may take longer or shorter than expected.
For Special orders, please contact from contact page to quote.