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We introduce something nice from Japan.

We are the authorized online store of Sakai Takayuki, one of the leading brand of Japanese cutlery in Japan as known “Sakaiuchi-Hamono”, Sakai Cutlery.

The art of knife making in Japan dates back to the fifth century. The samurai sword makers started to use the same forging techniques of sword to produce super sharp Japanese knives that earned reputation and became famous not only throughout Japan but in the world.

The traditional knives are made from high-carbon steel forming the Hagane (the cutting edge) while the soft iron forms the jigane (the knife body). Depending on the requirements, the Japanese use different steel alloys and heating techniques to create single- edged Japanese handmade chef knives, the most distinctive feature of Japanese kitchen knives. Based on the traditional manufacturing technique, Japanese craftsmen have produced various styles and uses of kitchen knives, not only for Japanese types of knives but also western types of knives as well.

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